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Honda-Acura B/D/H-SERIES Coil On Plug Conversion - COMPLETE KIT - HondaRulez

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The complete kit to convert your Honda/Acura to a Coil on Plug Ignition System 


+ Cleaner Look 

+ No need for spark plug wires, rotor, ICM or coil

+ More Spark under high RPM/Boost 

+ Smoother Idle 

+ No Tuning required


This kit is applicable with OBD1 Honda/Acura ECUs (typically chassis 1988-2001). This can be used with a completely stock ECU or ECUs running on softwares such as Hondata, Crome, Neptune. 


Included with purchase: 

  • Conversion ECU Chip  *ECU Chip Install Available* 
  • VIP Coil Plate
  • 4 Ignition Coils
  • Complete Wiring harness 
  • Hardware for mounting coils


You are required to run resistor spark plugs (BKR7E generally works) similar to all coil on plug systems. Additionally, the kit is equipped with the OBD1 knock board which is generally not utilized in any aftermarket applications. This kit is reversible and does not require any other software.