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VIP Catch Can - Aluminum Edition - Internally Baffled - Built for Honda/Acura Battery Tray

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This VIP Oil Catch Can is professionally TIG welded with 4 -10AN Vibrant fitting & 2 crankcase filters. The Catch Can has been engineered with an internal baffle setup to ensure your high performance engine set, whether set up for turbo or set up for a high performance all motor, has enhanced crankcase ventilation. Additionally, the internal baffle set up helps condense crankcase blow-by oil effectively. Rather than relying on the factory PCV system, oil vapors are navigated to the reusable and washable K&N breather filters. 


This Catch can be used universally. However, this Catch Can was designed for the Honda battery trays on 92-00 Civics as well as the Acura's battery trays on 94-01 Integra.

Catch Can Dimensions: 11"L x 5"W x 8.125" (with Breather Filters)


This kit includes (1) catch can with internal baffles, (4) -10AN fittings, and (2) breather filters. 

Complete Setups w/ fittings and hoses are available