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+ HOURLY SHOP RATE      $140/hour 

     + Diagnostics / Troubleshooting: drivability problems, electrical troubleshooting, suspension assessment and more 

     + Aftermarket Parts Installation: Headers, coilovers, lowering springs, exhaust, Air Intakes, Intake manifolds, downpipes, Steering Wheels, Kill Switches and more

     + General Repairs: Fluid flushes, brakes, suspension, maintenance and more


Bottom End Assembly starting at $600 + parts + machining services

Full Engine Assembly starting at $1050 + parts + machining services 

Degree motor - starting at $350

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Engine swaps are a popular way of increasing horsepower without the use of a supercharger or turbo setup. Pricing can vary greatly based on your initial setup, the engine desired and the steps required for the given engine swap. We do limit the amount of engine swaps we take on at a time. If you are interested in an engine swap, please message us below with as many details as able. 

KSWAP starting at $2250 + parts

BSWAP starting at $1550 + parts

All other swaps starting at $2000


+ Corner Balance $140/HR

+ Adjust suspension $115/HR


A transmission rebuild, comes with a complete set of synchros including transmission bearings and seals. Additionally, the transmission may require additional parts for an optimal set up including but not limited to sliders, gears and/or forks. Complete rebuild start at $500 + parts 



We can both install and build aftermarket turbo kits. Installation begins at $2000 and typically requires an aftermarket clutch. Custom turbo kits begin at $2550. Parts not included. 


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call/text us at 503-410-3841