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Tuning Services

Supported Tuning Softwares 

Hondata Tuning Services - Flashpro, KPRO, S300 for GSR, Type-r AEM Tuning Services - Standalone System for Dyno Tuning   UpRev Tuning Support for 350Z, Nissan, infiniti
Ktuner Tuning Software - EP3, Honda Civic, Civic SI, Type-R HP Tuners Dyno Tuning for Silverado Chevvy Haltech Tuning Services


Dyno Tuning Hourly Rate $150

Dyno Tunes w/ Hondata, Ktuner, UpRev or Crome - $600/$500

   - Turbo / Supercharger Applications $600

   -  All Motor / Naturally aspirated Applications $500

Dyno Tune w/ AEM - HP Tuners - Haltech - Megasquirt $750/$600

  - Turbo / Supercharger Applications $750

  - All Motor / Naturally aspirated Applications $600

Dyno Pulls (Includes 3 Pulls) $175 


Infiniti UpRev Dyno Tune at VIP

Do you need a Dyno Tune?

A dyno tune is intended to optimize the drivability of your vehicle after performance parts have been installed. A dyno tune may be required depending on the modifications completed. Some modifications that may require tuning include but are not limited to upgrading to bolt-on pieces such as intake, downpipe, exhaust, upgrading turbo build setup, upgraded/changed fuel injectors, upgraded/changed fuel and/or upgraded cams. 

What's included in a dyno tune? 

Nissan/Infiniti 2003+


Is your car ready for a dyno tune? 

Depending on your make/model & setup, you may need to make mechanical modifications to your vehicle prior to tuning

+ Tire health - 

   Tires cannot display tread. Unhealthy tires are a safety hazard on rolling dynos. 

+ Ride Height - 

   Extremely lowered cars cannot sit on the dyno without having the oil pan hit the rollers. For the sake of ensuring the vehicle can sit on the dyno without clearance issues, have the lowest part on the underbelly of the vehicle (IE exhaust, oil pan, etc.) at least 3" off the ground.

+ Alignment - 

   A car will have optimal power when there is not resistance to keeping your vehicle straight on a dyno. If the alignment is so far off, the vehicle may sway during a pull and we cannot complete the tune. 

+ Mechanically sound -

   Ensure your vehicle is free of fluid leaks. Ensure all mechanical parts are tightened and up to maintenance specifications for your make/model/motor set up

+ Verified parts are HP Rated 

   Ensure all components of your vehicle (IE. Clutch, head, block, turbo, wastegate, etc.) are rated to your HP goals. We discuss your HP goals and set up prior to tuning, but ensuring your goals are met with the parts you have on your vehicle prior ensures a successful tune. 

What to expect at your Dyno Tune Appointment  

  +Vehicle inspection - We always start the day with ensuring the vehicle is in condition to be tuned. We overlook that the vehicle is topped off on fluids, the tires are healthy for dyno tuning, that the engine is not excessively leaking any oils or that there are no drivability problems that may affect the tune. You can read more about the inspection process here to prepare. 
  +Day of tuning - Once we get to tuning the vehicle, tuning time can vary based on the setup, engine, fuel type, injector type and more. Typically tunes are completed within a day. If there are any mechanical or wiring problems that arise, that time can be extended or postponed until the given problems are addressed. 

To contact us for a tune

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