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Vehicle Compliance Waiver

Due to recent enforcement actions by the EPA, we (VIP Performance) are instilling new restrictions on the sales of all tunable/modified ECU's, tuning systems, tuning hardware, and tuning software effective immediately. This is in effort to comply with our best understanding of the Clean Air Act (CAA).  According to the CAA, it is illegal to sell, offer for sale, or install any device on a pollution-controlled motor vehicle that is intended to or can be used to modify or bypass emissions controls.  This includes any ECU's or tuning systems that are designed to, or can be used to, affect emissions or disable any emissions controls devices or OBD operation. 
To our best understanding the intentions of the CAA when passed were directed only towards motor vehicles used on public roads and highways, not towards dedicated competition racing vehicles used in sanctioned race events or on private property.  Until further direction is provided and/or current legal proceedings are completed, this is the information we are using and are making every attempt to comply with.
As a result, the sales of tunable/modified ECU's, tuning systems, tuning hardware, calibrations, and software within the USA are restricted to Race-only vehicles that are never driven on public roads.  This is being done by requiring reasonable proof by the buyer/user that this is a race only vehicle that is never driven on public roads within the USA.
If you would like to purchase any of the above mentioned restricted-use items, you will need to submit form below to VIP Performance. Once submitted, we can review, authorize & complete this purchase for you.