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Everything you need to get your bottom end assembled (mins pistons and rods). 



    An oil pump is the heart to any motor. Every rebuild should have a new oil pump. The highest quality pump is the 4Piston ported OEM oil pump. Any build over 600WHP should run a 4Piston oil pump. These are the most proven and trusted pump available. A budget but still high-quality alternative is the ACL high flow oil pump. We've used and built many 500-600WHP builds that have lasted years to come with these pumps. (This is the pump that has been running the CRV for the last 5 years). If you're sticking with an OEM style rebuild, either the ACL or OEM oil pump is a good choice. 


   Thrustwashers sit beside the crank and help prevent against crank walk. With being less than $10 for any set of thrustwashers, this should always be changed out as well. King thrustwashers are the shop choice here at VIP. 


  Main bearings sit on the block. All b-series motors have the same main bearing part #. TYPICALLY, if your motor hasn't had excessive damage to the crank, standard bearings will suffice. It is best to have an engine builder or machine shop verify the clearance of the main bearings to ensure a healthy long-lasting engine. Bearings that are not clearance correctly will cause premature engine failure.  


   The rod bearings you run will depend on the crank you're using. GSR can run either GSR or LS cranks. LS cranks have more. B16 motors can ONLY run b16 cranks. B20 and B18A/B rods use the same bearing. 


   The variations of pistons go beyond what can be listed in this product page alone. Some shop favorite brands are Wiseco or CP Pistons. Additional trusted brands include JE, Manley or Arias. As a standard rule of thumb, if you're building a b-series turbo car, 10.1 compression or less is preferred. If you're going with an all-motor set-up, you're going to want to be more 11.5:1 compression (for street builds running on street gas). For dedicated all-motor builds, you're going to want as high of compression as is safe depending on what fuel you're running. You can check out some of our shop favorites here. 


  There are also too many variation of rods to be listed in this page. Here are some of our shop favorites:

    Speedfactory (for turbo applications or all motor applications - these are rated to 800HP+ and are half the price of manley turbo tuffs! 

    Manley Turbo Tuff (some of the strongest rods available) 

    Eagle H-Beam Rods (good budget option) 



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