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E-Tune (Honda/Acura)

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Do you need an E-tune? 

- Do you have modifications to your car that can improve its performance? 
- Are you looking to get more performance out of your car?

An e-tune is made to optimize your vehicles performance settings by optimizing the air/fuel ratios & timing settings throughout your vehicles powerband. Even without any bolt on modifications to a vehicle, tuning alone can dramatically improve your car's performance. 

To get started, you will submit your setup information to receive a starter basemap from our tuner and shop owner Zack. Zack has been tuning for VIP Performance since 2017. He's tuned hundreds of Hondas from high-powered turbo'd B-Series, to all motor K-series to high-powered FK8s on meth. He is well-known in the Pacific Northwest for his tuning record. Videos of previous tunes can be found on our shop's Facebook and Instagram. (Facebook @VIPPerformancePDX IG @ VIPPerformance) 

After receiving your starter map, you will record a datalog and email our tuner for revisions. This process will be repeated until your set up has been optimized. It is plausible and common that mechanical problems may be found or incurred during the tuning process. It may be required that you address these mechanical problems to get a completed and healthy tune. Mechanical work can include but is not limited to finding boost leaks or exhaust leaks, changing & gaping spark plugs, etc. 

Supported softwares: Hondata, K-Tuner, AEM, Haltech, Doctronics 


Setup information required to get starter basemap

  1. Car/Make/Model
  2. Engine type 
  3. Fuel Injector Brand & Size
  4. Map sensor being used 
  5. Fuel type being used
  6. Set up (All motor, turbo or supercharged) 
  7. Nitrous set up? 
  8. Additional engine modifications